Increased energy efficiency in non-residential buildings?

To increase the energy efficiency in current non-residential buildings, governmental energy efficiency grants are introduced through the governmental agency Enova. One of the few evaluations of this grant was conducted by the Auditor General of Norway in their report on evaluating the government’s efforts to increase energy efficiency in buildings (Riksrevisjonen, 2015-2016: «Riksrevisjonens undersøkelse av myndighetenes arbeid med energieffektivitet i bygg».) In their summery of the report, they state that "Enovas tilskudd til yrkesbygg har begrenset effekt". This conclusion was drawn from the observation that the energy consumption per m2 was not significantly lower after renovations compared to before based on ex post evaluation of energy consumption in buildings receiving grants from Enova. The report does, however, not aim to explain why these results occur.

In collaboration with Riksrevisjonen we aim to do further analysis on the data they collected to shed light on the main drivers for this lack of reduction in energy consumption per m2. This will help us better understand how energy efficiency measures affect firm behaviour, and may help authorities adjust rules and conditions for energy efficiency grant to better secure the desired outcome.


Published June 9, 2017 10:26 AM - Last modified Jan. 9, 2018 11:02 AM