8th research workshop 2018

15 Nov.  11.30 AM - 16 Nov. 4.00 PM

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Participation by invitation


15 November

11.30 am

12.30 pm Bjørn Gjerde Johansen: More electric cars do lower emissions
1.15 pm Charlotte Bjørnhaug Evensen: Incentives for electric vehicles in the Norwegian car market and their contribution to multi-car households
Short brake
2.15 pm Mads Greaker, Cathrine Hagem and Stef Proost: Optimal battery size for EV, storage services and balancing services to the grid
3.00 pm Stef Proost and Christina Littlejohn: How far should we decarbonize cars in Europe?
Short brake
4.00 pm Erik Figenbaum, Jon Hovi and Snorre Kverndokk: Would my driving pattern change if my neighbor were to buy an emissions-free car?

16 November

9.00 am Hidemichi Yonezawa and Sebastian Rausch: The intergenerational incidence and social welfare of renewable energy subsidies vs. carbon pricing
9.45 am Arne Lind, Pernille Seljom and Sedsel Fretheim Thomassen: How will climate changed GDP affect the future energy system?
Short brake
10.45 am Inge van den Bijgaart:The cost of the status quo: Exploration or innovation in the face of scarcity
11.30 am Lunch
12.30 pm Corbett Grainger: Leakage of Carbon and Co-Pollutants from Regional Cap-and-Trade: Evidence from the US Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
1.15 pm Reyer Gerlagh and Roweno Heijmans: Regulating a global pollutant
Short brake
2.15 pm Carson Reeling, Richard D Horan and Cloe Garnache: Multi-pollutant point-nonpoint trading with participation decisions: The role of transaction costs
3.00 pm Reyer Gerlagh and Roweno Heijmans: Regulating Stock Pollutants
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