2nd research workshop 2012


Registration by invitation

09:00 Snorre Kverndokk (Frisch Centre): Welcome
Chairman: Snorre Kverndokk
09:05 David Popp (Syracuse University): Necessity as the Mother of Invention: Innovative Responses to Natural Disasters
09:50 Kristoffer Midttømme (University of Oslo): Environmental policy in the presence of network effects
10:35 Coffee break
10:50 Inge van den Bijgaart (TSC): Effective environmental policies with internationally pooled technology
11:35 Aart de Zeuw (TSC): Asymmetries in International Environmental Agreements
12:20 Lunch
Chairman: Kjell Arne Brekke
13:20 Halvor Briseid Storrøsten (SSB): Prices vs. quantities: Technology choice, uncertainty and welfare
14:05 Rolf Golombek (Frisch Centre): Modeling Uncertainty in Numerical Equilibrium Models
14:50 Coffee break
15:00 Arne Lind (IFE): Analysis of the EU Renewable Energy Directive by using a Techno-Economic Optimisation Model
15:45 Mads Greaker (SSB): Blending mandates for biofuels: Are they likely to reduce climate costs?
16:30 Coffee break with something to eat
Lital Helman (New York University): Dynamic Regulation and Technological Competition: A New Legal Approach to Carbon Capture and Storage
19:30 Conference dinner
Chairman: Knut Einar Rosendahl
09:00 Snorre Kverndokk (Frisch Centre): The Trade-off Between Intra- and Intergenerational Equity in Climate Policy: Can Carbon Leakage be justified?
09:45 Michael Hoel (Univ. of Oslo): Supply Side Climate Policies and the Green Paradox
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 Daniel Spiro (Univ. of Oslo): Tragedy of the Commons versus the Love of Variety
11:30 Fridrik Baldursson (Reykjavik University): Natural Resources and Sovereign Expropriation
12:15 Lunch
Chairman: Ole Jørgen Røgeberg
13:15 Finn Førsund (Univ: of Oslo): Pumped storage
Bente Halvorsen (SSB): How do investments in heat pumps affect household electricity consumption?
CREE board meeting
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